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30” Rigid Crab Trap

Our 30” Rigid Crab Trap is modeled after our commercial trap with no corners cut. Only the size and weight are different so that they are more manageable for the individual user with no need of any winch or pot puller to get them up to the surface. All stainless construction, with no mild steel to cause rust stains on your deck.
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30″ Collapsible Crab Trap

Our Collapsible Crab Trap has been totally redesigned to more resemble our rigid 30” stainless steel crab trap. When it’s fully assembled, it is the same size as our 30” crab trap with the same tunnel entrances as what we use on our commercial traps. When emptying the trap the frame remains rigid and the crabs will fall out the bottom of the trap when the drawstring is released. When collapsed,...
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