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Commercial Dungeness Crab and Prawn Traps

Our traps are in use by Canadian and US fishermen along the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska and now successfully fishing the waters off the Hawaiian Islands. These intense fisheries demand well made and highly productive traps. Our commercial prawn traps are utilized primarily for spot prawns (pandalus platycerous). All sizes and styles are proven producers. Preferences are often determined by local fishing conditions, vessel size and regulations. We offer a wide range of commercial crab traps from 30″ – 43″ diameter.  Weights range from 20 – 120 pounds per trap.

Crab Frames are made from either mild steel (rubber wrapped), stainless steel or a combination of both materials. Standard crab traps are built with two rigid (welded in) or soft tunnels. We also supply traps with 3 or 4 tunnels. Fisheries in different regions sometimes require special tunnel and trigger configurations. Your preference or design can be incorporated to provide custom traps to your specifications. All web is hand twisted stainless steel wire. Prawn Frame material can be mild steel (plastic dipped) or stainless steel. Additional weight can be provided with a heavier bottom ring or a double bottom ring. Tunnel rings are standard 3″ diameter. They are woven into the web and aligned with the bait cup with rubber banding. Web comes in 3 different web sizes depending on your fishing location and sewed to the frame with chafing rope top and bottom. A bottom drawstring allows for quick opening of the traps and easy access to the suspended bait cup. Tapered design allows for tight stacking in transit. Most traps come complete with a braided poly bridle and 5/16″ or 3/8″ stainless snaps.

See the fishing accessory page for bait, bait cups, snaps and ground line.

Dungeness Crab Traps (2, 3 or 4 Tunnel Entrances)

Dungeness crab traps with 2, 3 or 4 tunnel entrances. Sizes range from 32” bottom diameter to 43” bottom diameter. Weights can range from 20 pounds to 120 pounds. The frames can be a combination stainless steel and mild steel construction; all mild steel, rubber wrapped, construction; or, all stainless steel construction.
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3 Tunnel Entrance Trap

Example of a 3 tunnel entrance trap. Tunnel depth, tunnel style and width of the uprights at the tunnel entrances can be varied to suit the individual customer.
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Stainless Steel Prawn/Shrimp Traps (3, 4 or 6 Tunnel Entrances)

Stainless steel prawn/shrimp traps with 3, 4 or 6 tunnel entrances. Sizes range from 28” to 48” in bottom ring diameter. The weights can vary from 5 pounds to 50 pounds and more if needed. The trap frame heights range from 12” to 16” and 24”. Our prawn trap frames nest inside each other for ease of transportation and a reduced footprint.
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39” x 16” S.E. Alaska, Mild Steel, Plastic Coated Frame Pots

Example of a standard 39” x 16” S.E. Alaska, mild steel, plastic coated frame pots.
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Double Bottom Ring Stainless Steel Trap With Bait Sock

Example of a 37” x 13” (new style) double bottom ring, stainless steel frame trap with a bait sock installed. The trap in this photo weighs 14 pounds and comes in either a 3 tunnel or 4 tunnel configuration.
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Dungeness Crab Tunnel With Top Trigger Guard

Example of our standard size Dungeness crab tunnel with top trigger guard and “V” shaped bottom trigger locks.
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Woven Twine to Stainless Steel Tunnel Installation

Example of our woven twine to stainless steel tunnel installation.
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39” x 24” Mild Steel Nesting King, Tanner and Dungeness Crab Trap

39” x 24” mild steel nesting King, Tanner and Dungeness crab trap. The frame can be made to weigh 25 pounds to 50 pounds and is plastic coated to last much longer than unprotected mild steel. The standard mesh is 3MM polyethylene web.
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54” x 32” Mild Steel Sablefish/Black Cod Trap

The standard trap weighs 55 pounds when completely finished. The single sock tunnel has been proven to be very effective for more than 30 years. The traps come complete as shown with a nylon, plankton web bait bag included. We use 3 strand polypropylene rope for chafing protection on the top, bottom and middle rings plus on the uprights. For the bridle we use double ½” copolymer rope with a 3...
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