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PrawnBaitFeb17,2012-croppedOur premium commercial grade prawn bait is custom made with a very high fish oil and protein content. It comes packaged in 25kg bags, 20lb and 5lb pails.

Plankton Web Black Cod Bait Bag

The size is 12” opening by 14” deep.
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Polyethylene Bait Bag

Works for Dungeness crab or shrimp.
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Shrimp Trap Bait Sock

This sock is attached to the top center of the trap and is secured when you close the drawstring of your trap. The large bottom ring allows for a Scotty bait cup plus fresh bait to be placed into the sock before closing the bottom of the trap.
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Scotty Bait Cups

The original Scotty bait cups. We carry both ½ liter and 1 liter bait cups in white or red with or without slots on the sides.
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